Code4Lib JAPAN is established in July 2010, and is actively organizing several workshops and forums in Japan. Code4Lib JAPAN can provide a scholarship for up to two applicants for Code4Lib 2011.

The Code4Lib JAPAN scholarship includes the following fees:

  1. Travel fee for the conference, from Tokyo-Narita airport to the venue at Bloomington, IN
  2. Conference registration fee,
  3. Accommodation fee during the conference, from February 7 to 10, 2011.

Scholarship recipients are required to present a talk at
conference-report workshop in Japan after the conference.

How to Apply

To apply this C4LJP scholarship, please send an email to C4LJP contact address with a brief letter of interest, which:

  1. Describes your interest in the conference and how you intend to participate
  2. Discusses your statement of need
  3. (optional) Describe your presentation summary, if you propose to present a talk

C4LJP application deadline is December 15, 2010. C4LJP will notify successful candidates by December 25, 2010.
mail address